Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are relatively small NGOs which function in slum and resettlement areas of Delhi.  This project was started in April 2001 for formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and conducting legal awareness programmes through these CBOs/field NGOs in order to achieve the objective of involvement of larger number of NGOs in the Commission's mission of empowerment of women.  Delhi Commission for Women supported smaller NGOs in an attempt to broaden the base of community based action for prevention of crimes against women and for economic empowerment of women.



    26 CBOs/NGOs were selected for a one-day workshop as a pre-selection procedure.  Finally, 16 CBOs were selected for the formation of SHGs and Mahila Panchayats (MPs).  The target was setting up of 80 SHGs and 16 MPs in six months period. 


    The target for each CBO was 5 SHGs and 1 Mahila Panchayat.  By the end of the project in September 2001, 77 Self Help Groups were formed and the Mahila Panchayats were in formation stage.